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Two-Week Construction Look-Ahead (March 23, 2023 – April 6, 2023):

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· Most of the recent work has been focused on clearing snow and working on access throughout the jobsite. The Contractor has been working on clearing mud and debris from the approach channel and around the existing intake structure.

· The Contractor is using two onsite pumps that runs 24/7 to facilitate the necessary water releases from the reservoir. The Contractor has completed a new reservoir cofferdam, and when reservoir levels rise enough, inflows will be able to be bypassed through the 96-inch bypass and the pumps will no longer be needed.

· Most of the work over the next two weeks will be focused on demolishing the old intake structure, beginning construction of the new intake structure foundation, and working on the right approach wall.

Reservoir Levels and Groundwater Level Monitoring

· The Town of Breckenridge has installed 6 temporary monitoring wells around the reservoir within 350 feet of the reservoir edge to monitor changes in groundwater levels before, during, and after the drawdown periods. A plot showing groundwater elevations in these wells, the reservoir surface elevation, and a map showing the well locations can be found in this website’s “Reservoir and Groundwater Levels” section. This website’s “Private Well Info” section discusses projected impacts on residential water wells.

· To allow for the current phase of the construction, the Town and Contractor have lowered the water level in the Tarn. This measure is necessary to facilitate construction activities on the dam intake structure located at the bottom of the reservoir.

Reservoir Neighbor Outreach and Assistance

· The Town has identified neighbors most likely to be affected by the drawdown based on their proximity to the reservoir and the depth of their wells. Letters, flyers, emails, and phone calls went out to those neighbors last season to acquaint them with the Town’s measures to assist them with their water supply if necessary.

· If you are located within about 1,000 feet of the reservoir and experience a drop or disruption in your well water supply, you are welcome to contact the Town at 970-453-3170 or

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