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Two-Week Construction Look-Ahead (June 6 - 19, 2021)

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Construction work scheduled for the next two weeks includes the following:

  • The Contractor will continue to set up staging areas and access to the jobsite, including establishing access from the end of Wagon Road to the east side of the dam and performing initial surface clearing of a new stockpile area.

  • Excavation and embankment fill construction to support the installation of a corrugated metal bypass pipe on the west side of the dam will continue, and excavated material will be stockpiled and processed at the toe of the dam on the west side of the river. A subcontractor has encountered some delays with this work, so it may continue past the 19th.

Reservoir Levels and Groundwater Level Monitoring

  • The Goose Pasture Tarn Reservoir will be operated at normal water levels until mid- to late-July 2021, after which the reservoir will be temporarily drained for about one month to allow for construction on the reservoir-side slope of the dam.

  • The Town of Breckenridge has installed 6 temporary monitoring wells around the reservoir within 350 feet of the reservoir edge to monitor changes in groundwater levels before, during, and after the drawdown periods. Groundwater and reservoir levels has been relatively steady this spring. A plot showing groundwater elevations in these wells and the reservoir surface elevation, and a map showing the well locations can both be found in the “Reservoir and Groundwater Levels” section of this website.

Reservoir Neighbor Outreach and Assistance

The Town is currently working to:

  • Contact homeowners with shallow well intervals located within 350 feet of the reservoir, that may experience a loss of well water supply as a result of the drawdown.

  • Complete a plan to provide potable and non-potable water to neighbors in need during the drawdown.

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