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Two-Week Construction Look-Ahead (May 19, 2022 – June 2, 2022):

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· The Contractor has started releasing reservoir inflows through the existing 30-inch low-level outlet works (LLOW) after preparing the outfall channel, stilling basin, and downstream channel of the Blue River for higher outflows due to snowmelt runoff.

· The Contractor will continue forming, installing rebar, and placing concrete at the crest of the dam for the spillway crest.

· The dewatering well subcontractor drilled and completed 19 dewatering wells and 5 temporary piezometers installed around the stilling basin excavation. The dewatering subcontractor has temporarily demobilized from the site until the outflows through the existing LLOW can be returned to the 96-inch left bypass pipe, which is currently undergoing maintenance repairs.

· The Contractor will continue to prepare the project site for snowmelt runoff and higher inflows to the reservoir by raising cofferdams on the dam crest and maintaining the bypass pipe.

Reservoir Levels and Groundwater Level Monitoring

· The Town of Breckenridge has installed 6 temporary monitoring wells around the reservoir within 350 feet of the reservoir edge to monitor changes in groundwater levels before, during, and after the drawdown periods. Groundwater levels in some wells has fluctuated in response reservoir drawdown and refilling. A plot showing groundwater elevations in these wells and the reservoir surface elevation, and a map showing the well locations can both be found in the “Reservoir and Groundwater Levels” section of this website. Information about projected impacts to residential water wells can be found in the “Private Well Info” section of this website. Currently no readings are being taken due to ice/snow covering the well access points.

· The Town and Contractor have dropped the water level in the Tarn to allow for the current phase of the rehabilitation.

Reservoir Neighbor Outreach and Assistance

· The Town has identified those neighbors with the greatest possibility of experiencing a disruption of well water supply during the drawdown based on their proximity to the reservoir and the depth of their wells. Letters, flyers, emails, and phone calls went out to those neighbors last season to acquaint them with the measures the Town has prepared to assist them with their water supply if necessary.

· The construction dewatering wells may impact local groundwater levels around the dam. Neighbors who may be affected have already been contacted by the Town.

· There is a smaller possibility that additional properties located within 350 feet of the reservoir may experience a disruption in their well water supply during the drawdown period. If you experience a disruption in your well water supply, please contact the Town at 970-453-3170 or

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