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Two-Week Construction Look-Ahead (July 13, 2022 – July 27, 2022):

Updated: Jul 19

· The Contractor is currently doing demolition work in the stilling basin at the downstream toe of the old service spillway and backfilling walls at the crest of the dam. The Contractor will complete demolition and excavation work in the stilling basin in the next few weeks, and then they will start placing concrete for the new stilling basin.

· Dewatering will be needed to keep the stilling basin dry during the construction of that basin and the lower slope of the dam and spillway. Dewatering, which needs to operate on a 24-hour basis, will continue through the summer.

· All Blue River flows entering the reservoir upstream of the dam are being bypassed through the 96-inch diameter left bypass pipe and discharged downstream of the dam, such that downstream river flows are being controlled only by natural stream flows.

Reservoir Levels and Groundwater Level Monitoring

· The Town of Breckenridge has installed 6 temporary monitoring wells around the reservoir within 350 feet of the reservoir edge to monitor changes in groundwater levels before, during, and after the drawdown periods. A plot showing groundwater elevations in these wells, the reservoir surface elevation, and a map showing the well locations can be found in this website’s “Reservoir and Groundwater Levels” section. Information about projected impacts on residential water wells can be found in this website’s “Private Well Info” section.

· The reservoir is currently being maintained at about Elevation 9875, which is the invert of the 96-inch diameter left bypass pipe used to pass river flows around the dam. Groundwater levels in some wells that previously fluctuated in response to reservoir drawdown and refilling are not fluctuating as much. The more recent fluctuations in some wells are likely caused by natural groundwater fluctuations rather than reservoir fluctuations.

Reservoir Neighbor Outreach and Assistance

· The Town previously performed preliminary analyses to help identify neighbors closer to the reservoir that could potentially experience a disruption of well water supply during reservoir drawdowns, particularly when the reservoir needed to be drained entirely for specific construction work. However, only one or two neighbors around the reservoir experienced any impacts. Based on experience and given that the reservoir will be maintained at Elevation 9875 for the summer, no impacts to the surrounding neighbors are anticipated.

· Construction dewatering near the dam’s downstream toe is anticipated to potentially impact one neighbor located at the downstream toe. If needed, measures to provide a reliable source of potable water to that residence have been put in place.

· If you are located within about 1,000 feet of the reservoir and experience a drop or disruption in your well water supply, you are welcome to contact the Town at 970-453-3170 or

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